Today PELDMĀJA – it’s us the four project authors Līga, Zane, Reinis and Jānis; our few but trustworthy and hard-working employees; as well as you, our guests. The idea to put some “meat” on top of the then lonely-floating pontoon in Saka river was born back in 2014. Consequently, 2015. and part of 2016. were busy years spent on planning, designing, building, creating, furnishing and decorating, in order to open PELDMĀJA’s doors to our first guests in summer of 2016. Since then, we’ve been keen on your feedback, to continue making PELDMĀJA a place where it’s good to be and joy to come back.


PELDMĀJA translates as “floating home”, and consists of six identical cottages, each named after phonetic alphabet in marine navigation – Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and Foxtrot. Cottages are situated in a row next to each other (as in our “home” page photo). Each cottage has a ground floor with a kitchen corner, living space with a double bed, and a half-floor with two additional sleeping places. The cottages are located on a fully renovated pontoon moored on Saka river bank. A bioplogical water purification system inside the pontoon ensures all waste waters are treated sustainably. Each cottage has a private terrace with a view on the river. More about cottages, please see “FAQ”.


info@peldmaja.lv (throughout the year)

+ 371 29433427 (ONLY during the season)