What are PELDMĀJA Safety and Security rules?

Please read our Safety and Security rules before making your booking here.

Is there a kitchen in PELDMĀJA cottages?
Yes, there is a kitchen corner with electric stove, electric kettle, fridge and equipment for preparing simple meals – cooking pots, frying pans, plates&dishes, cutlery, etc in each cottage. You will also find olive oil, coffee, salt and sugar in your cottage.

Is bed clothing and towels provided?
Yes, bed clothing and towels are provided. Please bring your own beach towels!!!

Is there a WIFI?
No, PELDMĀJA does not have it’s own WIFI.

How many beds are there in each cottage?
Have a look at floor plans available at There is a double bed on the main floor and two* sleeping places on the half-floor (* if your are a family with more than 2 children, please ask us and we will provide additional sleeping places for all of you).

Are there any disinfection measures available for PELDMĀJA guests?
Yes, a spray-bottle with a desinfection liquid for disinfecting surfaces and hands is available at each cottage. After a careful market research, we have chosen and use SEPTACON disinfection liquid in PELDMĀJA – the only 100% natural product available, with pine-tree extract. Your cottage has been thoroughly disinfected with this product before your arrival as well.

Is it possible to cancel my reservation?
Yes. You may cancel your reservation free of charge and receive 100% refund by emailing us at two (2) weeks prior to your stay at PELDMĀJA . In case of officially announced emergency situation due to civil, political or other reasons you may cancel you reservation any time and receive a 75% refund.

Is it possible to change my dates?
Yes. You may ask us to change your reservation dates by emailing us at two (2) weeks prior to your planned stay at PELDMĀJA and subject to availability. The dates are changeable only within the current season. In case no cottage is available and the dates can therefore not be changed, the reservation is cancelled as explained above.