PELDMĀJA Safety and Security rules


PELDMĀJA cottages are located on a floating pontoon that is moored on the river bank. As a guest, you take full responsibility for your own, your children’s and other on you dependable person’s actions and the consequences of actions in PELDMĀJA territory.

Fire safety

Smoking and any kind of open fire (including candles, grill, etc) in PELDMĀJA territory and around them is strictly prohibited. Using, keeping or storing any kind of flammable equipment in PELMMĀJA cottages and PELDMĀJA territory is not allowed.

Music and sound

As a respect to other PELDMĀJA guests and their privacy, playing your music or making any other sounds that are audible outside the cottage is not allowed.

Car and boat parking

Each cottage has only one parking place in PELDMĀJA parking. Should guests arrive with more than one car, the additional cars must be parked outside PELDMĀJA territory. If you have a boat or any other kind of floating vessel that needs to be moored, please moor it to the cottage you’re staying in.


Dogs are welcome provided they are included in your reservation (for a fee). If this is not the case, please contact us at Other animals without prior notice and agreement with us are not allowed.

Other rules

“Peldmaja” Ltd shall not be held responsible for guests’ private belongings.